2003年9月 の記事

The Garbage Day ゴミの日

 ----A garbage truck drove away--

Fridge:  You can' t throw me away today.

 A Chest of Drawers:  Today is Garbage Day.  It isn't nice of you to do such a thing.

TV:  You can still use us, can't you?

Fridge: That's right., Mr.TV.

---A man brings a cassette tape recorder to the dump to throw away.---

Man: It's Garbage Day  today.  Hmm, If I throw it away, who cares?

 ---The man leaves---

Fridge:  Are you all right, Mr. Tape Deck?

Cassette deck:  I'm O.K.  thank you.

             Were you guys thrown away on the wrong day, too?

Drawers:  Yeah!  People think it makes no difference, if only one

person breaks the rule.

Fridge:  They should take much more responsibility.

---  To audience  ---

Cassette deck:  Can you do me a favor?  Stop the "Only Me Idea",


TV: Dump your trash on the fixed days.

All: Are you still going to continue to dump it without separation?

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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