1999年9月 の記事

A Miracle
99年度 基礎英語1部門参加作品

[At a big supermarket]
Pillow Jimmy Wow, I've never had friends like you before. I love you both.
Quilt Mark Me, too.
Mattress Jessie Me, too. We'll be friends forever.
Jimmy But I've been thinking, one of us will be bought soon.

I hate to live apart from you.
Mark Me, too. Oh, someone is coming to look at us.
Jimmy and Mark No! Don't come to us. Please!

You can't buy us and not Jessie.

You can't separate us. Please.

[Crying] Good bye, Jessie.
Jessie Sob sob. Good bye, Jimmy and Mark! Don't forget me!

[a week later]
Jessie I wonder how Jimmy and Mark are.

Oh, a customer. [ The customer buys Jessie.]

Yes. I am finally leaving here.

Oh, I hope I can make firends at my new home.

[Brummmm. Eeeh. Gujun]

[Inside the new home]
Jimmy & Mark Jessie? Is that you? Jessie?
Jessie Jimmy, Mark! Fancy meeting here!
Mark Wow. I can't beleive, we are together again.

It's a miracle!!
Everybody Yessss.[Shouting]

〔 September 2, 1999 〕 カテゴリ:NHKスキットコンテスト受賞作品

Ultra Brothers

[At The Galaxy M-38]
Ultra Nardo De Caprio Why have the number of monsters in space decreased?
I wonder if they are also victims of the destruction of the environment.
Ultra Winslet I don't know. Life has been too dull, anyway.

[A telephone is ringing. Ultra Winslet picks up the receiver.]
Dr.Nihonbashi It's me, Dr.Nihonbashi. I made it. I finally invented a chi p which allows you to live more than 3 minutes on the earth. Come to my laboratory right now.

[ZIP! ZOOM!] [ Whee]

[At Nihonbashi Laboratory]
Dr.Nihonbashi Ah, ha! All right. Let's get started.

[Clink, clink]
Dr. Nihonbashi Whew. Ta-dah! O.K. It's done.
De. Caprio Thank you very much, Dr.Nihonbashi.
Winslet Thank you very much, doctor.
Well, anybody hungry?
De Caprio I'll make cup noodle for you.
Winslet Wow. We don't have to worry about our time limit any more. [smiling]
De Caprio That's true.

De Caprio [looking puzzled] Oh, oh! My lamp!
Winslet Why on earth is your lamp blinking?
De Caprio What happened to me, Doctor?
Dr. Nihonbashi Gosh! Hold on! Oops!

That chip was for Ultra Hunks. Not you!
De Caprio Why me? Ahhhhhh [falling in a faint]
Dr.Nihonbashi Oh, Yes! I can use my masterpiece, "MATTE!!

[Click] [He stops the time and replaces the chip]
Dr. Nihonbashi De Caprio, it's finished. Can you hear me?

[De Caprio wakes]
De Caprio Am I alive?
Dr. Nihonbashi& Winslet Yes!
De Caprio Wow! Thank you! [They are hugging each other.]

〔 September 2, 1999 〕 カテゴリ:NHKスキットコンテスト受賞作品

The Man Who is Never Wrong
99年度 基礎英語2部門参加作品

[Cho and Ken are at the meeting place.]
Cho Bu is very late.
Ken What is he doing?

[Bu is runnning towards them]
Bu Sorry to have kept you waiting.

I'm very late. Sorry.
Ken Why were you so late?

We have been waiting for nearly an hour.
Bu [Panting] well, first, I got on the wrong train and I went in the opposite
direction, [pant] then, when I finally reached my station,
I realised I had left my wallet on the train...[pant] then, I had to go to the station office.
[pant] ...oh, it's a bad day!
Cho Oh, no!
Ken You should be more careful next time!
Bu I will. But it can happen to anybody, Ken.
Ken No, not to me. I never make mistakes.
Cho&Bu Are you sure?

[They are walking towards a building.]
[ Ken is holding his head]
Ken [He is groaning,] Oh....
Cho&Bu Ken , you should have pushed the door, not pulled. It says push, not pull.
Hmmm, Never wrong, huh?
Ken ・・・・・

〔 September 2, 1999 〕 カテゴリ:NHKスキットコンテスト受賞作品

Listening Comprehension
99年度 基礎英語2部門参加作品

Etsu Hello, I'm back. [Etsu came back]
Yuki&Dad Hello, dear.
Etsu Here you are. The results from today's listening test.
Dad All right. Let's see. What? You had bad marks!

I told you to study hard.
Etsu It's no use taliking that way after the test. Don't nag at me.
Yuki Hey, Etsu!
Dad Etsu!! Sit down here!

[one hour passed]
Etsu Shut up! I did my best! Huh!

[Etsu goes up stairs]
Yuki Dad, she told you she did her best.

I bet she's crying now.
Dad ....Oh, well.

[Yuki goes up stairs]
Yuki Are you all right, Etsu?
Etsu I don't like Dad.
Yuki Oh.... He thought it over. He's not so angry any more.
Etsu I don't believe it!!
Yuki It's true.
Etsu I will never go down stairs, even if he has changed his mind.


[Etsu is going down the staircase.]

[Thud, thud, thud, thud]
Etsu Dad, give me some candy, too.
Dad Etsu, you have good ears.
Etsu Oh.


〔 September 2, 1999 〕 カテゴリ:NHKスキットコンテスト受賞作品